Parent Self-efficacy Survey Reports

2021 (fall pre-data) 




Home Visiting Parent Survey Results

Cycle One (2021 – 2022)


“They say it takes a village, but every time you look up or turn around, it seems the village leaders (Parent Champions) are the first ones present. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you, cannot express enough for all they have done this year to assist our campus and our community. Beginning with back-to-school, new registrations, shot clinics, Brighter Bites, Coats for Kids, staff appreciation lunches, and registration events for the next school year, to name a few. Each champion has grown individually throughout this year and has helped our community grow together. We are a stronger community because of them.
Thank you, Parent Champions!”
Mr.Frutoso Robledo
Parent Support Specialist at Houston Elementary

“My participation in the program encouraged me to do things that generally would be out of my comfort zone. Still, because of those experiences, I have discovered qualities I did not know I possessed.”

Maria Jimenez
Parent Champion

“I truly love being in this program because now I am a 2nd year Reading Tutor and Leader,  coaching others in two schools. I sincerely enjoy giving back to my community while serving in something I love doing. Thanks to Families as Partners and the skills I learned while being a Parent Champion, I now have an opportunity to give back to the community.”

Kimberly Whalon
Parent Champion

“Before, I was Sofia’s mom, the volunteer who would make copies or translate a message. Now I am Ms. Daisy. Now, kids at the school see me as a teacher. They ask me for help with their homework, and that inspires me.”

Miss Daisy
Parent Champion

“This process helps give parents confidence; it’s a neat opportunity for them.”


“This program helps parent champions gain the confidence they need to step up to the next level”

Parent Support Specialist

“I used to just be a grandparent, bringing my grandbabies to school. Now I’m volunteering, and I love it! And all the kids love me. I feel better about myself, too!”

Parent Volunteer